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OC Ukeje Actor says he is not reliant on movie income


Nollywood actor, OC Ukeje, has disclosed
that he does not depend on the income he
makes from his impressive acting career. He
maintained that it will be to his detriment if
he does.
Ukeje revealed this in an interview with Punch
News, while commenting on the suggestion that
he charges too much and does not feature in
regular home video.
The actor however puts this down to interest and
his desire to express his free will by featuring in
any movie that he desires.
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“I don’t think I am biased by not featuring in
home videos. I think everything is a conversation.
I have been approached but it I think that the
process of deciding to make a movie takes a lot
of time.”
“As a producer who wants an actor on a project,
you have to send a script to him; the actor would
then read it and decide if he wants to work on it.”
“I find out from my experience that most of the
people who do what people term as ‘Asabawood’
would call you to feature in a movie and when you
give them your bill, they would say you are
asking for too much. But I am not asking for too
much and it is a conversation.”
“I have the right to feature in a movie that I like
and you have the right to feature whoever you
want to work with. That has been my experience.”
“Everyone who goes into this business has to be
sure of the reason they are doing it in the first
place. It is important to make money but I don’t
think that money is everything.”
“This is why some people have legacies. I would
like to leave a legacy and have money but I have
to be intelligent with the way I go about it.”
“It would be silly of me to depend on films alone
as my only source of livelihood especially
because I know that the industry is not in a place
where one or two pay days can cover you for a
year. That happens abroad but not here”.
Ukeje is currently moving up the ladder of elite
actors, following his role in “Half of the Yellow
Sun” , which is an adaptation of Chimamanda
Adichie’s novel.
He started gaining prominence in 2009 after
winning the fifth edition of the Amstel Malta Box
Office (AMBO) television reality show.

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