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23-year-old woman stripped naked and beaten by sons of her 85-year-old husband

A 23-year-old woman from Kajiado, Kenya is
currently nursing wounds she suffered from a
brutal beating allegedly orchestrated by her 85-
year-old husband. Jane Sankei said her elderly
husband ordered his sons to beat her for
returning home late from a river. According to the
area Assistant Chief and the woman herself, the
suspects who were her husband’s sons who
were all older than her, they beat her up and
stripped her naked in front of her young daughter.
After the beating, she picked up her child and ran
straight to the home of the Assistant Chief who
took a pity on the mother and child and gave
them a place to sleep that night. The next day he
took them to a nearby police station so she could
make a report and write a statement and then to
the hospital where her broken bones were treated
and other parts of her body were treated as well.
A grassroots non-governmental organization
known as ‘Networking for women’ has promised
to help her seek justice against her husband and
his sons.

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