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Man accuses wife of sleeping with pastor


Andrew Ndubisi, a 49-year-old man, has
asked an Igando Customary Court, Lagos, to
dissolve his marriage with his wife,
Saraphina, whom he accused of sleeping with
a pastor and having children with two
separate men.
Ndubusi told the court that he had been footing
the school fees of the children she had from her
previous encounter with men, and as a result no
longer wants to be with her.
“My wife had two boys from two men but did not
tell me before we married.”
“After our marriage, she brought them to live with
us and I was paying their school fees.”
“My wife is promiscuous, she dates different
men”, he said.
According to the Daily Post, the aggrieved man,
who had been with the woman for four years,
revealed that he has on several occasions caught
her with numerous lovers.
She found out about the affair with their pastor
when her phone rang and she had to leave the
room they were both occupying to answer the
“My wife is a flirt, she dates different men. I have
caught her severally with some of her lovers.”
“She is also having an illegal affair with our
“I got to know when her cell phone rang and she
left our room to receive it.”
“I trailed her behind without her knowing and l
eavesdropped; she ended the call with, ‘I love
“When she returned, I secretly copied the number
unknown to her and saved it on my cell phone.”
“When I dialled the number on my cell phone, it
was our pastor’s name that appeared on its
According to Ndubisi, he had done everything
possible to satisfy his wife, despite this, she still
engages in stealing money from him.
The defendant, Saraphina, has however denied the
allegations leveled against her.
She told the court that contrary to her husband’s
comments, she has been the victim in the
According to the woman, Ndubisi, who she
described as hot tempered, has assaulted her and
stripped her naked in public, stating that he also
threatened to have her killed.

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