Why Ronaldo is not human for what he did on the night he won the 2008 Champions League

The recent revelation of what Cristiano Ronaldo did on the night he won Champions League in 2008 as a Manchester United player is a shock.
Obviously, the notion that ‘work without play makes John a dull boy’ does not appeal to him.
With hard work, Ronaldo became a household name who was a threat to any defence he met.
That same year, the Portuguese won his first Ballon d’Or, the Premier League and Champions League in addition to scoring 42 goals in 49 appearances.
However, Champions league win is no longer a talking point with the revelation by Ronaldo’s cousin, Nuno Viveiros, who recently told a story of what happened on the same night without the knowledge of anyone.
Viveiros claimed to have stayed with his relation for five years but not any moment with Ronaldo moves him more than the aftermath of the victory.
Viveiros is quoted as telling Tuttosport that the former Real Madrid player did not celebrate the victory as expected.
He said “Do you know what Cristiano did when we got back to Manchester that night? He went to train.
“He went to train after becoming a champion. European Champion at the age of twenty-three, he is like that, he’s a real son of Madeira.”
Obviously it is human to celebrate after a victory or relax after a hard work but that was not the case for Ronaldo.

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