Libyan coach apologizes to Nigerians over “Juju Comment”, After Receiving Enough Bashing

Libya coach, Adel Amrouche has apologised after he accused Nigeria’s Super Eagles of relying on “Juju” to win their games. [see post here]
Amrouche made this statement after the game between Libya and South Africa in Durban which ended in a scoreless draw. He said after the game that he was looking forward to playing against the Super Eagles. 
He said: 
South Africa is a fantastic team and have fantastic players and it’s not easy to play against them. 
For me, I’m ready for Nigeria; if they want we can play both games in Nigeria; they believe in juju and we believe in God. 
Later, he tweeted an apology after he was called out for his statement 
His tweet reads: 
I apologise to the Nigeria football community for using the words JUJU in the press conference in SA. I used the word in jest. I respect Nigerians and their RICH football tradition. I’m a man who likes joking,but I realise I used the word out of context. Please accept my apologies. 
Below is how Nigerians on Twitter reacted to his apology. 

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