Bovi dragged by Twitter user for making homophobic joke 8 YEARS AGO

Popular Nigerian comedian, Bovi, was dragged by a Twitter user over a homophobic joke he made 8 YEARS AGO.
Bovi who went to Twitter to air his views on Serena Williams behaviour in the just concluded US Open final wrote;
Congrats to Naomi Osaka. Rooted for Serena but her poor behavior has no place in civilization.
Well, Twitter user, Michelle @elleizunwa was having none of it as she wrote;
Isn’t this the man who made that joke about getting a prostitute to r*pe his son if he’s gay?
That was how the drama began.
See their full conversation below;
See some reaction to the exchange below;
@Bono_35 “He acted maturely by not insulting her, but would have done better if he didn’t respond to her initially”
@Somebodysaid___ “No one is safe on these streets
You say one simple thing and BAM!!!! They cut off your head for the one you said lightyears ago
What I admire is she didn’t give up until she took him to the cleaners and even when he tried to say she was bitter and all,class still went on”
@IchieHenry “She has been bitter for the past 8years and she’s still bitter till now, this shows that she has been stagnant for the past 8years.
Dear kings/ Queens
Hate won’t do you any good free your heart today to enjoy long life.”
@Bondkels “People need to understand that you can make your point without cursing anyone.
No these E- Feminists don’t seem to understand that”
@Baron_Uzzy “That girl was just seeking attention.
Sometimes the best answer these irredentists on twitter is….. IGNORE THEM.
I swear…. I’m sure some people are already checking her bio while some are already following.
Rubbish and Bitterness🚶🚶🚶”
@Alfizzle_COYG “I said it last week and I will even keep repeating it… It’s high time the federal government declares this Bitter feminists and their allies “Terrorists”
Clearly, they are now “threat” to BCC “Bro codes of conduct” & national Security”

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