Nigerian man arrested after strangled lady was found in recycling bin in his bedroom

A 24-year-old Nigerian man identified, Alex Jude Akpan has been arrested after the corpse of a strangled lady was found inside a recycling bin in his bedroom.
The Nigerian man who requested for an attorney after investigators tried interviewing him, is charged with tampering with evidence and court documents revealed that his mother found a woman’s body inside a green recycling bin in his room.
Though the identity of the lady who found dead on Sept. 5 in the home in the 9600 block of Wellsworth Drive is not known, however the Harris County District Attorney’s Office asked for a higher bond stating that he could be charged with murder. It was also gathered that the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said the residences of the home, said they do not know who the woman is.

A resident in the Keegan’s Wood subdivision said Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputies apprehended his 24-year-old neighbor, Alex Jude Akpan, and put him into the back of a police vehicle around 7 p.m. Thursday.
“He came back from somewhere and one of the sheriff’s asked him, ‘Are you Alex,’” said Brandon Nguyen, who lived in the neighboring duplex with Akpan. “He said, ‘Yeah,’ and they told him to put his hands up.”
The Harris County medical examiner’s office is asking for the public for information about the deceased. She is described as a young black woman, 5’6″ in height, weighing about 162 pounds, with short to medium length black hair. She had single ear piercings with large yellow metal hoop earrings. She was wearing a striped t-shirt with the words ‘NYC Classic’ and olive green pants labeled as being from “Forever 21.” A gray Hanes brand zipper hooded sweatshirt (size small) was tied around her waist. She was found without shoes or socks.
Akpan’s sister who was contacted on phone by eyewitness news about the lady found in the recycling bin in her brother’s room, said she doesn’t live at the home and has not talked to her brother. She also said she did know who the woman was.

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