Young Woman Caught Trying to Dumping her baby in a bush (Video)

A video clip has emerged online and is making the rounds on social media, of a young lady from the Ijero area of Ekiti who was caught trying to abandoning her child in a bush in Ofada, Ogun State.
The viral clip shows that the lady who recently gave birth to twin girls, saying she arrived Ofada in search of her babies’ father after one of them fell sick.
The lady said that she met the children’s father, Lukmon, in Ekiti, but hasn’t been in contact with him since she gave birth, as he ran away and changed his phone number.
She further narrated that she was tired of all the sufferings around her and decided to dump the sick twin since she couldn’t find the father in Ofada where he claimed to have worked. 
Watch the video below;

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